Ann Griffiths 1934-2020

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Ann Griffiths, one of Wales’s foremost harpists and a great supporter of Camac harps. From the very incarnation of Telynau Vining, Ann was always there to offer advice and we could always rely on her for excellent concert programme notes! Here she is remembered fondly by the President of Camac Harps, Jakez François:

“Many are those who loved the late Ann Griffiths, one of Wales’s most distinguished harpists, over the course of her long and happy life. She was an indefatigable teacher, a musicologist specializing in Welsh music, a composer and publisher, and a Francophile harpist passionate about the history of her instrument. It was impossible not to be awed by such wealth and diversity of talent, and encyclopedic knowledge. But, beyond the loss of a major musical figure, I would like to pay tribute to my dear “Welsh aunt”, as Ann liked to call herself to me. How many days did we spend talking about music in general, and the harp in particular? How many evenings did we spend combing the Érard ledgers, her copies of which she would spread out on her living room carpet? During my repeated stays in her magnificent vicarage, Ann introduced me to so many aspects of Welsh culture. These ranged from the fascinating triple harp – I was only able to find one for myself after years of patience – to gastronomic delicacies. I remember “crackling”, prepared by her beloved Lloyd (like grilled belly of pork, but only made from a typically Welsh breed of pig!). There was also the “hot cucumber” – not unforgettable exactly, but which did inspire me to compose a jazz tune in its honour.

“Ann, adieu. Your passions for Érard and the Welsh triple harp have stayed with me always, inspiring the harp maker I have become.”

Jakez François

We have been instructed by Ann’s family to offer for sale the following Camac harps and accessories:

Concert Melusine

36 nylon strung lever harp in black finish with a black carbon fibre soundboard. Made in 1996 it is fully levered with Camac plastic levers and in good condition with one chip at the front of the harp. This harp comes with a tuning key and a well-used travel cover – £1,200.00


44 string straight soundboard pedal harp in mahogany finish. Made in 1998 this harp has been well maintained and is ideal as a first pedal harp. It is in good condition with some surface marks that you would expect from a harp of this age. This harp comes with a tuning key and dustcover – £7,000.00


47 string extended soundboard pedal harp in mahogany finish. Made in 1996 this model was the precursor to the Atlantide Prestige. It is in generally good condition with a lovely rounded tone. There is a crack in one of the decorative parts of the pillar, but this does not affect the harp’s structure or sound. This harp comes with a tuning key and dustcover – £12,000.00 ono

Selection of music stands

A selection of music stands: one each in mahogany, black and natural maple finish. Height adjustable and in very good condition – £125.00 each

Harp stool

Height adjustable pedal harp stool in black gloss finish with black top in good condition – £60.00

Harp trolley

A robust pedal harp trolley in good condition – £250.00

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