DHC 36

DHC 36

Electric Harp

Height:144 cm
Weight:7.5 kg
Range:36 strings, 1A to 6A · A1 - A36

Camac Celtic nylon (A1 – D26), Galli lever wires


Carbon fibre


black, blue, red, green, white. Speciality finishes / ‘True Fire’ finish to order (blue, red). Tripod, harness to order

“Camac’s ‘DHC’ model is the ultimate crossover instrument for everything from Celtic to rock! Gorgeous on stage and fascinating to audiences, this harp inspired me to create new musical-theater works,‘In the Wings,’ ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Harp!’ and ‘Electra’s Lyre’ – which use electric harp as the sole accompaniment. Producers, recording engineers and theatre sound-techs are in love with its rich, resonant, even sound. For me, this is THE crossover instrument of the twenty-first century.”

Deborah Henson-Conant

5 years warranty